Was 911 an opportunity waiting to happen?


Enclosed is the document which sets up the Department of Homeland Security months before the terrorist attack. After the attack, almost everything that Law Enforcement Agencies wanted as a “tool” to fight crime was implemented in several acts, like the Patriot Act and a banking act. Supposedly the new laws were to be “grandfathered” but the war on terror became an endless excuse for the government to suspend civil rights which wouldn’t have been  considered in earlier times.


I believe that our lawmakers and the public were terrorized into forfeiting rights that were not necessary in fighting terrorism. It is alleged that there were lots of indicators which would have led to the unraveling of the plot by FBI and CIA underlings but through bureaucratic “snafus” they were not followed. Or were they?


In a remarkable statement Condoleezza Rice told an audience that no one knew that terrorists would use aircraft as weapons. The fact is that several plots were uncovered which would have done that very thing. That the Trade Towers were a target was obvious since the blast in the 90s under the Clinton Administration.


One may observe the usage of terror to influence the public and lawmakers in the early 2001-2004 timeframe. We were constantly warned of pending attacks which never materialized (were these "torture confessions?") and almost no one was arrested for terrorism. There were a few plots like the shoe bomber and some overseas terrorism like the Spanish train bombings, but the terror warnings suddenly vanished after Bush was elected for his second term. By then nearly the entire punch list of enforcement tools were passed and all that was left were eliminating the grandfathered clauses making them permanent. After all, the war on terror is another endless war, like the war on drugs and poverty.


The “conspiracy theory” that some in the government may have known of the plot shouldn’t go beyond that. Many believe that the US got into WW2 knowing that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor and they let them, and that the Viet Nam war was escalated through a phony “Gulf of Tonkin” incident. I would like to think this would never happen - yet the three letter agencies (TLAs like the FBI, CIA, DEA, IRS, INS et al) are playing this like a fiddle to get all the privacy invading legislation they ever wanted.


The "war" seems to be creating the very terrorists we wanted to quell. We should have listened to George Washington and left our foreign relations at the Dept of Commerce. I recall the Republicans castigating Clinton for “nation Building” in the old Yugoslavia. It is now the Republicans who are nation building at $90 Billion a year.


This is why people need to elect Libertarians. We won’t waste your money on endless wars. We won’t get the government involved doing unconstitutional things.


What we have lost is a large degree of liberty as congress, the executive branch, and the courts degrade the Bill of Rights in an endless expensive war.