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My prime concern is the Federal assault on privacy. The government is intent on extracting biometric data from citizens so they can track people anywhere. Cameras are proliferating as fast as the usurpation of our Bill of Rights. Both the Democrats and Republicans are creating a Big Brother State even beyond George Orwell's imagination. Orwell couldn't imagine the power of the computer to organize and monitor everything real-time. The first attempt to implement watching everyone all the time was the Total Information Awareness  program which was criticized and then moved to DoD.



TIA Concepts


Click on picture for more information. It was clear they would monitor US citizens too. From this it was deduced that since terrorists weren't "in the system" they would have to monitor everyone all the time.


Terrorism accelerated the war on the Bill of Rights. Generation NEXT will probably be a paperless society so safeguards must be imposed on nosy federal bureaucrats and businesses to protect our electronic privacy.


I would sponsor a law which would make the stealth intrusion into oneís computer (it is our papers) or reading otherís email/messages a felony without warrant, whether by hackers, business, software companies, or by federal agents. I would apply mandatory jail sentences for officials violating peoples' electronic civil rights.



Other Positions:


Big Government:Economist Walter Williams estimates that government spends 3/4 of its budget unconstitutionally. It is impossible to instantly undo decades of mismanagement and the squandering of federal funds, but we must start! Privatized programs should be voluntary and phased in gradually while honoring our commitments to veterans, the elderly, and social security recipients while grand-fathering out inefficient government programs. Whether Social Security is eliminated or privatized, it has been plundered for decades and the youth today donít believe they will benefit from anything but an IOU.


Taxes: I support Ron Paul's plan to abolish personal income, estate, and gift taxes. We need to lower taxes by eliminating the IRS and implement either a FAIR tax or a federal sales tax. Nevertheless, we need to spend less at the federal level doing unconstitutional things in imaginary federal jurisdictions.


Family: The Federal Government has no business raising anyone's children, but they seem to be intruding more and more into our families. Our government is the biggest ďdeadbeatĒ and should not be involved in welfare until they balance the budget and pay off the debt.


Jobs: Our middle class made America great but it is being subverted by internationalism run amok. I would reduce corporate income taxes to zero except income produced from outsourced jobs. We should manufacture ALL our defense equipment in the USA.


Internationalism: Our founding fathers warned us about getting too involved with other nations. We didn't listen. We are now involved in international welfare through the IMF or World Bank et al. I am against all international or UN taxes.


Military: I am for a strong military and a missile defense. Strength prevents war, weakness, or the perception of weakness invites war. More consistent spending prevents wasteful splurges and lowers military spending overall. I am not for dispersing our military as an international meals on wheels and their presence in developed nations like Japan and Germany is unnecessary.


The Second Amendment: was written to protect all our other rights, to protect us from tyranny in government, whether from another or our own. The Federal government should encourage gun ownership and training as a matter of our national defense. I support NRA sponsored sport shooting for high schools.


Abortion: is a states rights issue. I do not support federal funding of abortions. I am personally against abortion except in a few cases. Parents are responsible for their children, not the state.


Education: I am for the privatization of education. I am for competition in education and abolishing the Dept. of Education.


Environmentalism: Our environment has been improving for decades. But EPA regulations are becoming oppressive with little EXPERIMENTAL science to justify lowering tolerances. Lowering tolerances must be justified on a cost analysis basis and grandfathered to minimize unfunded mandates. I would rather turn over pollution standards to states where the people more directly interact with pollution and national standards may be inappropriate.


Energy: We should allow drilling in the ANWR and elsewhere. Alternate energy sources should be encouraged by allowing green energy producers to sell their product at the fair wholesale market value. Nuclear power plants should be encouraged by streamlining regulations and centralizing waste storage.


Forestlands: We should sell most federal property, but in the meantime, manage federal lands to prevent fuel build up by thinning the timber. Participating companies would build and maintain access roads for their loggers, fire equipment, hunters and fishermen.


Crime, Law, & Enforcement: There should be no crime if there is no victim. I am pro death penalty where there is a clear confession of TWO witnesses. Federalization is perverting our Bill of Rights and trampling on the authority rightfully belonging to the states. The prisons should be emptied of criminals where there was no victim.


Drugs: I am against the war on drugs. On the pragmatic level, our efforts should be directed toward stopping drugs at the border rather than a hand full on the street


Healthcare: I am AGAINST national healthcare - for a free market. I am for personal Savings accounts, freeing doctors from bureaucratic regulations, accepting European pharmaceutical results, and elimination of punitive damages and payment for unusual reactions (unusual allergies) to drugs < 1/500,000. (Itís a states rights issue.)


Tort Reform: I am in favor of Tort reform. However this is a "State" issue.


Iraq: If the Iraqis cannot find a way to live together I propose breaking the country into as many countries as can live together without killing themselves and bringing the troops home. As it stands, that would be about three new countries.


Illegal Aliens: It is the job of Congress to set the rules for immigration. As it stands we are being overrun with lawbreakers who are embolden to demand citizenship and social welfare. I propose probationary non-voting citizenship to allow people to live here without being a burden on taxpayers until such time as the immigration quotas allow them citizenship on an orderly basis meeting US needs. Non-felon probationers would be required to take an oath to support the Constitution and repudiate dual citizenship. During that time, any felony infraction would initiate expulsion on conviction. I would reassign thousands of TSA agents to INSand put them on the border, and require the airlines to do passenger screening with one TSA supervisor available.



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Drew Parks is a 56 year old research designer who has worked at the University of Houston for 20 years. He has worked as an engineer in high energy physics at CERN, at Geneva Switzerland, INFN under Gran Sasso Ė itís a mountain! - Italy, and at the now defunct Superconducting Supercollider near Dallas. Currently he works with high temperature superconductors (HTS) and their magnetic applications. He has authored or co-authored dozens of technical and scientific publications. Prior to that, he worked as a laboratory director in an environmental laboratory and as an electronics designer in the oil patch, designing pipe inspection equipment. He distinguished himself as a Vietnam veteran while serving with the Strategic Air Command.


Iím a hardware designer, if you think you can make this page better, volunteer!


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